Frequently asked questions

To make your visit easy, here is a list of frequent questions, and their answers.

We hope we answered all of your questions.

Is wearing a mask mandatory?

Wearing a mask is mandatory during the whole show due to the health measures against Covid-19. More information on this page.


When shall we arrive for the show?

The gates open at 9.30pm in July and 9pm in August. The show will begin at 10.30pm in July and 10pm in August.


Can we pay with vacation coupons?

Vacation coupons are not allowed for the payment.


Does a reduced rate for golden category exist?

We do not offer a reduced rate for the golden category tickets.


What are the necessary conditions to get a reduced rate ticket?

Find all the details about our prices on this page.


I am a servicemen, do I get a reduced rate ticket?

Militaries are eligible to reduced rate ticket, on presentation of suitable evidence. Discount is only available for category 2 tickets.


For whom is the group price?

Groupe price is for group from 6 people or more, on Category 2 tickets. It is only available online. We do not offer group price on site.


What are the conditions and the prices for people with reduced mobility?

Discount is available for the person with reduced mobility and his escort.

Please come with tour priority card 30min before the beginning of the show.


Do you accept person in wheelchair?

People in wheelchair shall enter by the 6 boulevard des Invalides. They will enjoy the show directly from the corridors.


Is there a discount for those who visit the Dôme Church after the show?

There is no discount on Dôme Church tickets.


Should we book online or on site?

We recommend you to book online in advance.


Should we book a ticket for children under 10?

We have a special price for children under 10.


Can we book a ticket for the visit of the Invalides by day and come to the show with the same ticket?

There is no combined tickets for the visit of the Invalides and the night show.


How long is the show?

The show lasts 50min. You can visit the Dôme Church after that.


Can the show be cancelled due to a wet weather?

The show is maintained, except in case of important storms. We invite you to take a look on our website the day of the representation to have latest information.


If an unexpected event occurs, do we have a refund?

Tickets are neither exchangeable or refundable.


In which language is played the show?

The show is played in French but we offer headsets to rent for a translation in English.


Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are not allowed inside the Hôtel national des Invalides.


Are strollers allowed inside the cour d’honneur?

Strollers are not allowed inside the cour d’honneur.


Are folding chairs allowed for the show?

Folding chairs are not allowed inside the cour d’honneur.


Can we bring a tripod to take pictures/to film?

Taking pictures or videos are not allowed during the show.


Can we come with our bike/scooter?

We do not have a parking inside the Invalides but you can find many slots around the monument.


Is there a cloakroom?

There is no cloakroom. We can only store moto helmets.


If there is no place available online the night I want to come, can I buy onsite?

Unfortunately, if there is no place available online, it means we are sold out for the night. Please, select another night.